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Our Firm has a proven record of success and maintains Board Certification in DUI Defense & SuperLawyers designation in the area of criminal defense. Don't leave your future to chance. Choose a lawyer that has gained the respect of peers in the legal community and acclaim from former clients. Call us today at (470) 225-7710.


If you have been charged with a DUI, you need to first understand what can be affected by the arrest and, possibly, a DUI conviction. (Yes, there is an important distinction between an arrest and a conviction, and an arrest does not mean that you will be convicted.) We will help you understand the potential consequences during our initial consultation.

After you understand how bad things can be so that you can prepare appropriately, we will help you understand how we can help you understand the process that your DUI case will likely follow and how we can help you. The defense of your DUI case is not magic. The process and possible strategies in the defense of your DUI charge will be defined at this early stage. The strategy must be flexible, but the various options and choices need to be understood by you. We will help you through this process.

Our firm is consistently recognized by other lawyers and former clients for providing the highest level of DUI defense. You will not find a lawyer that understands Georgia DUI law and science better than Ben Sessions. Ben Sessions of The Sessions Law Firm is 1 of only 5 attorneys in Georgia to be Board Certified in DUI Defense by the National College for DUI Defense, and he is recognized as a SuperLawyer in the area of DUI Defense by SuperLawyers Magazine.

We understand and aggressively pursue cutting-edge procedural and scientific challenges to DUI charges. If you are looking for an attorney that understands how to challenge DUI cases, give us a call.

We can help you understand the range of possible effects of your DUI charge and a possible conviction and, most importantly, we can develop a strategic plan to defend you against your DUI charges.


If you face an allegation of causing someone’s death while driving a vehicle in Georgia, you don’t need to be someone’s test run at defending these cases. You need a lawyer that has previously defended vehicular homicide charges and actually tried a vehicular homicide case to a jury. Not many lawyers in Georgia have done so, and very few of the lawyers that call themselves “DUI experts” have actually defended one of these cases before a jury. At The Sessions Law Firm, we have successfully defended numerous vehicular homicide cases.

To defend a vehicular homicide charge, an exceptional command of DUI and related traffic law, advanced procedural criminal law, the science of forensic alcohol and/or drug testing, and accident reconstruction principles is an absolute necessity. A lawyer simply cannot learn the basic principles needed to defend a vehicular homicide case during the course of the representation. Vehicular homicide cases in Georgia typically involve enormous amounts of data and information. If you’re lawyer is trying to learn what’s significant during the course of the representation, it will be difficult for the lawyer to ever get far enough ahead to actually develop your defense.

We have successfully defended vehicular homicide cases throughout Georgia, and we understand the level of commitment that is required to defend vehicular homicide cases. As 1 of only 5 attorneys in Georgia to be Board Certified in DUI Defense, you can rely upon Ben Sessions to provide the highest level of representation. The Sessions Law Firm welcomes the opportunity to speak with you regarding your vehicular homicide charge.


We consistently deliver exceptional results in criminal by aggressively pursuing the strengths of your case. Often times, our clients come to us with a great amount of anxiety and seemingly desperate circumstances; however, our “leave-no-stone-unturned” approach to the investigation of our cases frequently yields exceptional results.

Our firm has the resources and expertise to defend a variety of criminal charges, particularly those involving highly technical legal issues or specialized forensic evidence. We can help you through all phases of your case, including pre-indictment investigation and negotiation.

If you or someone you care about faces a serious criminal charge and you want to know that you’re receiving highest level of care and representation in the defense of the charges, contact The Sessions Law Firm.


If you or someone you care about faces drug possession, distribution, manufacturing, or trafficking charges in Georgia, you need a qualified criminal defense attorney that understand how to effectively defend these charges. Our criminal defense attorneys understand how to challenge drug possession and distribution charges.

Contact The Sessions Law Firm today to speak with an exceptionally qualified Georgia criminal defense attorney that knows how to deliver results.


Sex offense allegations are the “scarlet letter” of the current time. Alleged sex offenses are prosecuted more aggressively than nearly any other crime. Emotions are overwhelmingly high, the cases are frequently loaded with forensic evidence, and the penalties, if convicted, are exceptionally high. Our firm can help you develop an aggressive plan of defense that is appropriately responsive to the sensitivity of these charges.


If you are seeking help with an appeal from a criminal conviction in Georgia, a sentence modification, assistance in seeking parole from the Georgia Board of Pardons and Parole, or a probation revocation matter, The Sessions Law Firm can help. If you have a question about post-conviction relief in Georgia, contact The Sessions Law Firm. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you.

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What Others Have Said About The Sessions Law Firm
  • A.G., DUI Case

    "Ben is a fantastic attorney. He assured me we would win my case and in fact we did! His confidence, guidance and ability to execute in the courtroom was amazing to watch. My family and I are very grateful to him."

  • C.K., Criminal Defense Attorney in Lawrenceville, GA

    "Ben is an excellent attorney. He handles his cases with professionalism and compassion. Ben not only knows the law, but trains other attorneys. You are in good hands if Ben is your attorney."

  • Grateful Client, DUI Case

    "Simply stated, Ben Sessions is an extraordinarily smart and judicious attorney, a gentleman, and the kind of person we all would like to know."

  • N.H., Workers' Compensation Lawyer

    "I endorse Ben. He is a superb attorney with a great reputation. Ben looks out for his clients' best interests. He also obtains great results."

  • Grateful Client, Criminal Defense Case

    "Ben clearly goes the extra mile and will exceed your expectations. I would recommend Mr. Sessions to any of my family or friends because he is fair, patient, compassionate, and driven to get the best possible outcome for your case."

  • J.G., DUI / DWI Attorney in Albany, NY

    "I have taken every opportunity to seek Ben out for his advice on trial strategy and cross-examination tactics. It is clear that Ben is the guy to hire in Atlanta when you have a lot at stake. You could not be in better hands and I fully endorse him."


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When you hire The Sessions Law Firm as your attorneys, you get unprecedented legal representation and outstanding care. You will be treated like family.

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We push ourselves to deliver the best defense for our clients because we know how important criminal defense is.  We are proud to be criminal defense attorneys and our work shows it.

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An Innovative Approach to Criminal Defense

We enjoy finding unique solutions to difficult problems. There is a creative approach to seemingly un-winnable cases. It’s just a matter of having the talent in place and putting in the work to find it. We take on challenging cases other attorneys pass on. We know we can provide a individualized defense that works for you.

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  • Testimonial

    Ben Sessions


    About Ben Sessions

    Ben Sessions has been recognized as a SuperLawyer by SuperLawyers & Atlanta Magazine, a Legal Elite by Georgia Trends Magazine, and he maintains a Superb (10/10) rating with AVVO.

    Ben is 1 of 5 attorneys in Georgia to be Board Certified in DUI Defense. If you have a case that demands superior representation, you should speak with Ben. Ben Sessions consistently delivers exceptional results in DUI cases that many lawyers would characterize as “unwinnable.” He has received the DUI Lawyer of the Year and Trial Victory of the Year from the Georgia Defense of Drinking Drivers (DODD) Group. Contact us today for a free consultation. (470) 225-7710.

  • Testimonial

    Sam Sliger

    Of Counsel to The Sessions Law Firm, LLC

    About Sam Sliger

    Attorney Sam Sliger’s practice is primarily focused on alcohol-related litigation, serious traffic injury and arrest as well as criminal misdemeanors and felonies.

    Sam graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Economics from the Terry College of Business. He attended John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, GA. while in attendance Sam received the CALI Excellence for the Future Award for his legal writing and research skills. He was a member of the John Marshall Law Review with a 2013 publication. Sam brings a valuable perspective to each his cases because of his experience working in the both the Hall County and Habersham County Solicitor’s offices.

"We work to remain 2 steps ahead of the State. We understand what the state's counter-argument to our defense will be. That's where winning or losing really occurs. You can't learn that during a trial - it's too late then. You can only get that understanding through experience."

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